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Helping Employees Manage Stress and Anxiety During a Pandemic and Beyond

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Your Team is Adapting to Massive Changes

Changing work conditions lead to new challenges.

Your employees are challenged by the impacts of COVID-19, from adapting to new working conditions to grappling with loneliness, fear, and stress. 

Employees are looking to their employers for help, and businesses are stepping up to make sure their employees have the tools they need. 

Our experts have prepared educational resources to help employers like you learn:

  • How stress and isolation affect employee health and job performance; 
  • Strategies to help employees manage their changing work conditions; 
  • Ways you can support employees’ behavioral health and well-being; and 
  • Actions you can take now to help your employees now and beyond the pandemic. 

As a leader, now is the time to invest in your employees’ behavioral health and well-being. 

Featuring Pathways Experts in Behavioral Health

John T. Kelly, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. John Kelly leads the national Pathways team of behavioral health professionals. He has extensive experience developing and managing award-winning worksite health improvement programs. He has helped many companies improve the health, well-being, and productivity of their employees. John has led numerous training programs and conducted research on worksite health improvement, served on the boards of major health improvement organizations, and has been a member of the clinical faculties of leading academic medical centers. He is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and Harvard University.

Cindy Greer, LCSW

State Director (Arizona, Nevada, Oregon)

Cindy has spent her distinguished career providing behavioral health services and directing the clinical operations of several prominent behavioral health care organizations. She currently leads Pathways’ behavioral health programs in Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Cindy has more than 25 years of experience managing successful behavioral health programs. Cindy received a Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) degree from the University of Louisville and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Arizona.

Dustin Keller, Ph.D., LPC-MHSP

State Director (Tennessee)

Dustin has already had a remarkable behavioral health career as a clinician, trainer and college professor. He has been a Licensed Professional Counselor/Mental Health Service Provider for 15 years and is a National Certified Counselor. He is an adjunct professor in psychology at Belmont University and a sought-after trainer in behavioral health, suicide prevention, employee motivation and leadership development. Dustin received his Master’s in Educational Psychology and Counselor Education from Tennessee Technological University, and his Ph.D. in Psychology from Northcentral University.

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